US sets COVID-19 record as cases top 5 million


The US set a COVID-19 record on Saturday, recording over 5mn positive coronavirus cases, as per a tally conducted by Reuters, as one of the topmost infectious diseases officials extended hope previously this week about the launch of an effective coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020.

At present, the nation leads the globe in the coronavirus cases, as per an analysis by Reuters. The US has reported over 160,000 death cases due to the deadly coronavirus, which is almost one quarter of the total cases reported worldwide.

The milestone comes in as US President Donald Trump sanctioned orders to offer economic relief for Americans that are affected by this deadly pandemic post the White House was unsuccessful in keeping its deal with the Congress.

The United States Labor Department, on Friday, reported that the employment growth in the country slowed substantially in July, thus underscoring an emergency need for further government aid.

On Wednesday, Dr Anthony Fauci informed Reuters that there might be a vaccine available by the end of this year that could actually work. However, Trump provided an optimistic viewpoint on this, stating it was likely that the country would have one vaccine by the 3rd November presidential election.


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