Thai PM ‘concerned’ after student protest new demands on monarchy


On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Thailand Prayuth Chan-ocha announced that he’s concerned about one growing student protest post another group of student issued an unusual frank ten-point call for monarchy reformation.

Around 4000 protestors chanted the line ‘Long Live Democracy’ on Monday night, at the Thammasat University, with speeches demanding Prayuth’s resignation.

However, the protestors from the Pro-democracy Group of Thammasat University also issued one ten-point call for monarchy reformation, thus becoming the 3rd student protest union to break decades-old taboo questioning its powers and roles.

Thailand has stringent regulations against defaming or insulting the king, which is punishable up to fifteen years in jail.

The palace officials refused to comment anything on the student protest or any sort of criticism posed against the monarchy.

Prayuth informed the media reporters he had seen the protests and that he is concerned but didn’t elaborate on what really concerned him or on the demands for the royal reform.

Former army chief Prayuth warned the protestors against the involvement of monarchy in the protests they are conducting. He further said that King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who was crowned as the king post his father’s death in the year 2016, has asked him to not put anyone behind bards under ‘lese majeste’ laws.


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