Rare syndrome linked to COVID-19 found in nearly 600 U.S. children: CDC


Almost 600 US kids were hospitalized with one rare inflammatory syndrome having a link with coronavirus in 4 months when the pandemic was at its peak, said the CDC on Friday in a report.

The MIS-C (Multisystem inflammatory syndrome) is one rare but serious condition that has the same symptoms as the toxic shock as well as Kawasaki disease, which includes swollen gland, rashes, fever, and heart inflammation.

The syndrome has been observed in adolescent patients and children after the coronavirus pandemic began.

With the increasing coronavirus cases, there might be an increased case of MIS-C; however, this may not be that apparent due to the delay in the development of the symptoms, informed the authors of the CDC report.

The CDC, in May, had published one health advisory containing information on how the syndrome manifests in the patients and even asked the doctors to report any suspected cases to the state and local health departments.

As of 29 July, the state health departments in the US reported 570 cases of MIS-C that were diagnosed between 2 March and 18 July.

Among these MIS-C cases, every patient tested coronavirus positive as well, including 10 deaths, said the CDC in the report.


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