Positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Peoria area


There is a surge in the no. of coronavirus cases in the Tri-County Area, informed the Health Department of Peoria City/County on Monday.

As per the department, all the three counties recorded 170 additional coronavirus positive cases. Luckily, the no. of individuals who’ve died did not change during the weekend.

However, the people with the symptoms of coronavirus in 1 of 4 area hospitals rose to 53, the highest recorded since the start of the pandemic. That is up by 7 patients from Friday, where 46 individuals were hospitalized.

The cases have risen greatly since the region shifted to Stage 4 of the reopening plan of the state. On 10 July, a month ago, the region overall had 835 cases as well as 39 deaths.

Peoria County, on Monday, alone had reported that its overall cases surged from 625 to 1598 on 10 July. Tazewell County had reported 525 overall cases, which is up from the 164 cases reported one month ago. Meanwhile, Woodford County reported 46 cases of the virus on 10 July. On Monday, 155 positive cases were reported.

The hospitalizations further reveal similar huge increase. On 10 July, 18 people had been hospitalized.

Notably, in both Peoria and Tazewell counties, the highest number of coronavirus cases has been reported among people between the age of 20 and 29.


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