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Judge dismisses Genius lawsuit against Google over ‘stolen’ lyrics


Previous year, Genius was the talk of the town when it utilized a ‘watermark’ that was made of alternating style and spelled ‘red-handed’ using Morse code for highlighting what the company said was search giant Google scraping the annotated lyrics.

Though the move was a clever one, it has not paid off.

A fed court on Tuesday dismissed the Genius lawsuit which the company had lodged against Google when it had shared evidence that it gathered. Though the judge that presided over Genius’ case said that the company’s concerns related to information scraping were legit, he did not agree ultimately with Genius’ argument that the search giant’s actions constituted copyright violation.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the core of the case was if Genius truly owned copyrights to song lyrics put up on its site. Judge Margo Brodie said that adding elements such as annotations to the song’s lyrics didn’t give Genius ownership to them. These rights belong to musicians ultimately who wrote the lyrics, he said.

Google has time and again maintained that it doesn’t scrape the other sites for their information.

Despite legal victory, the problem is unlikely going to settle down soon. According to The Verge, Google scraping information from its rival is a topic that cropped up during recent anti-trust hearing that the search giant was a part of previous month.


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