Intel Suffers Apparent Data Breach, 20GB of IP and Documents Leaked on to Internet


Today, Intel became the victim of apparent data breach, as about 20GB of several Intel tools and documents have started showing in one data cache that’s uploaded to the Internet. With materials spanning more than ten years, the breach includes everything starting Intel Presentation Templates to debugging tools and BIOS code.

The breach, which reportedly represents the largest intellectual property leaks from any chip manufacturer in years, was released by a Swiss software engineer, Till Kottmann. According to Kottmann, this is the first of the many planned Intel Internet Protocol (IP) releases, naming it the Intel ex-confidential Lake Platform Release.

Going by the tweets put up by Kottmann, he received these materials from one anonymous source that breached Intel previously this year. On the other hand, ZDNet has reported that Kottmann is one well-know figure when it comes to IP leaks and breach and has issues several other company leaks earlier.

In response to this leak, chipmaker Intel has release a short statement acknowledging the data leak as well as stating that it believes the leak came from Intel Resource & Design, one secure Intel repository meant for 3rd party partners for accessing several confidential schematics and documents.


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