Ilhan Omar wins primary against well-funded challenger


On Tuesday, Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar for Minnesota’s fifth congressional district won a major challenge against one well-funded opponent who tried creating a problem of her national celebrity.

Ilhan, seeking her 2nd term this November, defeated mediator and lawyer Antone Melton-Meaux, who raised huge sums in anti-Omar money, as well as a third candidate.

During the election cycle, she won 57% votes against the two challengers, in contrast to her 47% victory in 2018 primary.

Melton-Meaux utilized the money to paper flood and district airwaves using his message ‘Focused on the Fifth’ that showcased Ilhan as not being in contact with the fifth district of Minneapolis area.

Ilhan, 37, was one of the first two Muslin women to be elected to Congress in the year 2018. She created a national profile which began when onetime Somalian refugee was elected to Minnesota Legislature back in 2016. Ilhan became more prominent due to her strong advocacy on the liberal problems and her willingness to take on US President Donald Trump.

She rejected the attacks posed against her by Melton-Meaux, claiming that those were funded by the interests of people who wished to remove her from Congress as she’s effective. Ilhan also downplayed the prodigious fundraising carried out by Melton-Meaux before the election vote, stating that organized people will beat organized amount always.


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