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Google extends shutdown deadline for native Chrome apps


Google announced previously this year that the company would suspend support for Chrome apps on Mac, Linux and Windows by June or for educators and enterprises by December. However, if you are among those still utilizing them, the company has announced the launch of an extension. The Chrome apps now will work on these platforms until next June and firms can extend that it by one entire year till June 2022.

The search giant said that it decided for launching an extension seeing the feedback received from its partners and customers.

When the company first announced it would end support for stand-alone applications on Mac, Linux and Windows, it said that these apps won’t be available by 2018. Google cited the reason that only about 1% of the users on these platforms use these apps actively. The idea was that users could replace these apps with progressive or modern apps, but several users, in organizations particularly had issue in letting go.

The users of Chrome OS also get reprieve because the support for the applications on this platform will suspend by June 2022 and not June 2021.

As per Google, Chrome extensions are the new alternative for the developers who wish to provide features under the Chrome browser.


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