Devin Booker adds to a dazzling career highlight reel


It all began with Devin Booker making the perfect play off one double-team, thus doing away with the ball. The defense played by the Clippers forced a not-so-easy shot; however, Mikal Bridges had made a move for keeping the possession still in-check. Next, Booker took the ball towards the hoop, where the miraculous game-winner shot had fallen via the net.

In his 5-year long career, Booker, postgame said that he has not earned a reputation as a winner in the league, and is therefore working extremely hard to reach that position.

This is the reason why this game was different. Most believe that the Phoenix Suns should not have been even invited to be part of an Orlando stage and play against the Los Angeles Clippers with championship dreams. However, with Booker’s triumph of a shot, the Suns have become the 5th team alongside Bucks, Jazz, Rockets and Lakers to win over the Clippers several times in this season.

To understand that Booker indeed is a winning team player, you will have to see him post losses. There’ve been multiple occasions that the notion may seem ridiculous. The bad games get to Booker, though. When the Suns don’t just bring it or when they’re either within the reach but still fall away.

This victory, therefore, makes the happiness of winning more obvious for the Suns.


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