Central Illinois school district implements ‘pajama ban’ for remote learning


A central Illinois school has decided to implement a ‘pajama ban’ for the students this fall during remote learning.

The new ban is implemented by the Springfield’s school board as part of one new ‘at-home- dress code. As per the new norm, the students would have a blend of at-home and in-class instruction because of the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

Bandanas, caps, hoods, hats, pajama pants, sunglasses, shoes or slippers shall not be allowed, states the school handbook of the district already and that is applicable at home too, said the officials.

The students are banned from attending classes while in bed as well and should have their laptop/computer cameras on and pointed towards themselves.

As per NBC News, the district would be sending around 14,000 pupils from pre-kindergarten till 12th grade, back to the school on 30 August.

The students will be spending 2 days in the classroom for every 3 days of their remote learning, while parents will be given the choice to opt for full-time remote class instead.

Reportedly, a few district parents were confused by at-home dress code.

The last thing that the children needed was yet another barrier in learning, said John Freml (a parent) to NBC News.


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