Alexis Lafreniere lottery stunner shouldn’t nix Rangers’ plan


Monday indeed became a sublime day in Rangerstown. There’s no reason for raining on the parade of Blueshirts post the amazing lottery victory where the 12.5% chance this team had for landing first-overall pick in entry draft changed into a 100% shot at including Alexis Lafreniere, the projected franchise winger with October’s first-overall pick.

C’mon let’s face it. The decision was indeed stunning. The Rangers ended up with 16th overall back in 2005 somehow after they won a lottery with the odds of adding the number 1 and selecting Sidney Crosby. NHL included a retroactive cap-recapture component for collective bargaining contract post 2012-2013 lockout that was meant for punishing Blueshirts for signing Brad Richards, the front-loaded free-agent.

The Rangers would be able to add one big talent in Lafreniere, who’d be a significant player of one Stanley Cup contender. The Blueshirts do not figure themselves in that position in 2021 and trying to short-circuit rebuild procedure would be a drastic mistake.

Though including a talented player like Lafreniere boosts the procedure just like adding Kaapo Kakko, Adam Fox, Igor Sheshterkin and Ryan Lingren to this combination did this last season. However there’s still a lot to do in order to become a stunning contender.


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