5.1 magnitude earthquake shakes North Carolina


On Sunday, an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 struck the state of North Carolina, close to Virginia border. The shaking could even be felt in as far as South Carolina and Tennessee. It is the biggest earthquake to have hit North Carolina since the year 1916, said the National Weather Service.

As per the USGS (US Geological Survey), the epicenter of the quake was around 2.5 miles to Sparta’s southeast region, with a depth of around 2.3 miles. The quake hit right after 8am and was felt in entire North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia as well as South Carolina, said the USGS.

In an interview to The Associated Press, Michael Hull said that it was when he stood in his home’s driveway in Sparta that he observed a few deers running.

It takes a person just one minute to know what is happening and then you just cannot believe it, said Hull. The sound was so loud, as if God was literally moving a mountain at you, he continued.

Meanwhile, Karen Backer told the AP that she was at her apartment in North Carolina’s Greenboro area when she mistook the clinking sound of the cabinet doors in the kitchen for her friend initially.


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